October 2004
by Randy Tobin

Los Angeles is going to the dogs! That's right, Bark!, the new musical
playing at The Coast Playhouse, 8325 Santa Monica Blvd. (near
Sweetzer), has become L.A.'s best friend.

In its first week, rave reviews from Variety, BackStage West (Pick of
the Week) and the LA Times (Critics' Choice) has given Bark! a
leash-busting rocket boost not often seen for home-grown shows of this

I've been involved with the show from its inception, having recorded
and mixed the songs for each version. Most recently, the cast show
album was recorded at our studio and should be available mid-October.

Bark!'s composer, David Troy Francis, has been a client and friend for
over 20 years. His music and melodies, propelling the clever words of
multiple lyricists, allow the "dog personas" to tell their stories
almost entirely in song. The stories are quite different, one to the
next-funny, touching, sassy, happy-go-lucky, sad, hilarious and

Three men and three women play all of the roles. The actors do an
amazing job of conveying the diverse viewpoints of these quirky
canines. And through solo and ensemble groupings, everyone gets to
shine. The vocal parts are very demanding and the cast members pull out
all the stops making this a very memorable show. The three-piece band
sounds like ten or more at times with wonderful orchestrations

If you don't mind a find doggie expletives, Bark! is suitable for the
whole family. So get your tickets now while the seats are great and
the prices affordable at


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